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All systems go through intense performance testing,  We make sure your CPU, GPU and other parts perform as expected with no errors or hardware failure.  All drivers will be installed and pc will be optimized for the best gaming experience.  You will also receive 2 usb drives that contains a copy of windows, and monitor performance tools.

Just let us know what games you plan on playing and what your budget is and we can send you a build and detailed price list that we put together, or you can pick your parts and we'll make sure the parts are compatible and will work at peak performance as they are meant to.  (Due to possible damage & leakage during shipping and maintenance difficulty for most users we will NOT do open loop systems)

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All parts installed are brand new and updated models.  Please look through the gallery to see some examples of PC's we've done

build and ship ETA is usually 2 - 4 weeks depending on Parts (mostly GPU's) sometimes it can take a little longer.

All systems will be shipped with Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, and will be eligible for Windows 11 upgrade (not recommended until performance issues are fixed).